Poetry Publications

Chapbook *The Dark Edge of the Bluff* is forthcoming from Green Writers Press (2017). *Runner-up for The Hopper Prize.*
“Venison” and “In Santa Barbara County” are forthcoming in *Bird’s Thumb*
"Homage in Gold and Grey," "Homage in Carmine and Folly," and "Homage in Onyx and Blood" are forthcoming in *Caliban*
"Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway Above Asheville" and "Driving Through Big Sur" in [Alexandria Quarterly]( (2017)
"Variations in Summer," "Late Snow," and "Mangos on Ashe Street, Key West" in [*VIATOR*]( (2017)
"At Carinae Viñedos, Mendoza" in *[The Hopper](* (2016)
"At Big Cypress National Preserve" in *Raleigh Review* (2016)
Three poems titled “Ars Poetica” in [*Salamander*]( (2016)
“At Versailles” and “1996” in [*Jet Fuel Review*]( (2016)
“To Build a Fire” and “In Lawrenceburg, Tennessee” in *Scalawag* (2016)
“At Puget Sound I Think of My Brother” in *Best New Poets* (2015) *Selected by Tracy K. Smith*
“We Decide to Make Flan” in *Bayou Magazine* (2015)
“After a Dinner at the American Embassy” in [*The Stockholm Review of Literature*]( Issue 9 (2015)
“Ars Poetica” in *Spillway* Issue 23 (2015)
“Johnny Tremain” in *Chautauqua* Issue 12 (2015)
“While You Were Out” and “Walking Home in Mid-morning Traffic” in [*Watershed Review*]( Volume 37 No. 1 (2015)
“1989” in [*Ninth Letter Online*]( Winter Edition (2015)
“*Grandes Exitos* on I-75,” “Everglades,” and “Love Poem With River” in [*Caliban*]( #19 (2015)
“At Grand Hotel Poseidon, Paestum” in *[Bluestem](* March 2015 (2015)
“All things counter, original, spare, strange” in [*Banango Street*]( Issue 8 (2014)
“Answer” in *Jai-Alai Magazine* #6 (2014)
“Preparations” in *Cent Journal* 10¢ (2013)
“The Birds” in [*Architrave Press *]( ed. 5 (2013)
“Come Home” in [*Dressing Room Poetry Journal*]( Issue 5 (2013)
“Pull” in *Barn Owl Review* 6 (2013)
“we walk through the brick-red night” in [*Susquehanna Review*]( 2011/2012 (2012)
“Before the House Wakes” in [*Blast Furnace Press*]( 1.2 (2011)

Projects & Collaborations

"Remembering the Old House" appeared as a free public poem for [Pittsburgh Poetry Houses](
“Untitled Poem” appeared as a broadside collaboration with photographer [Luis Lazo]( in the Sweat Broadside Project II exhibition at Miami-Dade College
“Grandes Exitos” appeared as a broadside collaboration with print artist Julia Arredondo of [Vice Versa Press]( in the Sweat Broadside Project II at Miami-Dade College
“Everglades” appeared as a postcard in artist Gabriel Delponte’s [Bridge Me Japan]( project

Additional Publications

“I Made Myself Laugh and so I Forgot about the Point I Was Making: O’Hara, Bishop, and the Poetics of Delight” is forthcoming in *Poetry Northwest*
“Kitchens” in [*Fjords Review*]( (2017)
“Field Guide: A Few Notes on Mistakes” in [*Sliver of Stone*]( (2016)
“It Sang Itself Utterly Away: the Presence of the Poet” in [*The Critical Flame*]( (2016)
“Which Is to Say” in [*Print Oriented Bastards*]( Issue 9/10 (2016)
“Blood” in [*Brevity*]( Issue 52 (2016)
Interview with Ashley M. Jones at []( (2013)
Miami Bookfair International Live Blog at *The Florida Book Review* (2013)